About Ego Express

Ego Express delivers goods to the world

EGO Express is the best international courier service provider today. With the desire to constantly develop the delivery system across the country, the unit is trying to develop sustainably, step by step becoming a place to provide quality freight forwarding services in Vietnam.

Ego Express has been operating since 2016 in the field of Logistics, led by KIEN HUNG TRADING AND SERVICES COMPANY LIMITED: Domestic and international freight forwarding, warehousing, Distribution and supply chain connection.

Mission Vision

  • The unit transporting goods by plane meets international standards.
  • To be the leading and only large unit pioneering in freight forwarding and services in order to save time and costs, to meet the needs of high-class customers.
  • EgoExpress aims to build a top-notch service: Commitment to consulting 24/7.
  • Only at Ego Express, customers can send goods, carry goods, do customs procedures abroad at home.

To become a leading innovative, market-savvy courier service provider in Vietnam


Shorten the distance – Extend value – Diversify services


Improve quality, connect, diversify and grow.

Core values


* Customers are the focus of development
Ego Express always puts the interests and desires of customers first. Customer is the center; is the driving force for the company to develop the most perfect products and services.

* Fast - Prestige - Professional
Ego Express always tries its best to provide professional international express delivery solutions and the fastest delivery services to ensure true and higher commitments to customers and partners.

* Innovation – Creativity
Ego Logistics always takes innovation and creativity as competitive leverage to make a difference in the products and services that the company provides.